Get rid of Covid-19 with Aviair PureSense, the unlimited sanitizer, uses the process of electrolysis within 10 minutes to convert regular salt and tap water into hypochlorous acid; an effective yet non-toxic unlimited sanitizer that conveniently saves you hundreds of thousands of Naira otherwise spent on monthly stocking sanitizers.

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HOCl (Hypo Chlorous acid) has been shown to kill a variety of viruses including coronaviruses in less than 1 minute

Aviair PureSense

Aviair PureSense

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Aviair PureSense uses electrolysis

Aviair PureSense, using electrolysis, mixes regular salt (sodium chloride) and tap water to create hypochlorous acid, a highly effective and bio-compatible disinfectant that has a certified 99.9% success rate in killing viruses and bacteria.

Save over N700,000 in 36 months

Consider that you buy each sanitizer at N2000 and you use at least 10 a month at your home, work and place of worship, you are spending at least N20,000 monthly on sanitizers.

One purchase of Aviair PureSense gives your 3 years’ worth of supply of sanitizer that you can make yourself at home, work or at your place of worship, saving you over N700,000.

Aviair PureSense is 99.9% effective and 100% safe

It is highly effective and there is no smell or side effects as the concentration of hypochlorous acid produced, 100ppm, strong enough to eliminate viruses and bacteria while being 100% natural and non-toxic, making it safe to use, even around the elderly and children.

How Aviair PureSense works

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